Satellite Imagery

As a re seller of satellite images for more than 3 years, Geoplus leverages its know-how and network of satellite operators to make your projects a success.

Access to a wide variety of sensors means we can give you the best-fit images for your needs. You can access abroad selection of images in image banks or by planning the acquisition of new imagery covering any territory of interest to you. Whatever your request, we can help you make the right choices. We tailor our offering to the specific features of your project.

The preferred commercial partnerships we have formed with key satellite operators around the world let us work closely with them so that you get the best possible satellite images for your needs. Our agreements with key satellite operators give you access to more than 25 satellites (optical and radar satellite images).

Geoplus Solutions Pvt Ltd is a authorize reseller for Airbus-France, Kompsat-South Korea and Spaceview-China.